Beaten By Bhagath: Review!

Beaten By Bhagath: Review!

I’m sure you can do a much better job than Bhagath!’

When BB hears these inspiring words from his sexy lady boss, his staid life as a successful analyst in an MNC goes into a tailspin.

Bitten by the ego bug and smitten by her, BB sets off on his quest to write a book that’s better than India’s greatest writer Dr.Bhagath’s blockbusters. Nothing unusual about this for BB, who likes a good fight. Except that he and Bhagath had been classmates and friends at college. 

What follows is a roller-coaster voyage of the debutant author and his book, with all its twists and cul-de-sacs. Brushes with publishers, celebrities, retailers, book chains, and competition with the alliances among giants, mark the challenger’s journey, upping the stakes at every stage. 

Will BB catch up with his famous friend? 

What will their encounter be like? 

Written from inside the ring, ‘Beaten by Bhagath’ is a gripping tale …the first-ever about the unseen side of the wonderland of Indian fiction.


This book shows the reality of Indian publishing business. How new authors have to struggle to get their manuscript accepted or even read, for that matter? Its a really sad that some really talented authors don’t get proper recognition due to the flaw in the system. 

I can see that the S.V. Divvaakar has put in hard work and done his research to present this insightful story of a budding author who thinks he can be the next Ketan Bhagath. (read: Chetan Bhagat) I like the writing style and the simplicity of the book. 


There were many things that I didn’t like about the book. There were many things that I didn’t agree with. There were many times when I just had to put it down. It took a long time for the story to pick up and get me interested. Honestly, I didn’t like the story. The characters are a little flat and not well-developed. Also, I didn’t like the ending. I’m sorry but this book was not for me and I can’t give it more than 2 stars.

Its only about 200 pages so you can give it a try and for all those interested in publishing business or getting published, this book will surely open your eyes, as it did for me. 

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